All trainings are led by skilled facilitators that have worked successfully on a broad range of progressive issues including anti-racism work, feminist/womanist activism, queer rights, labor issues, and anti-violence activism. Each facilitator receives special training in issues of the dynamics of campus sexual assault, university sexual assault policies, and effective campus organizing. They will work with you to ensure that your campus training is empowering, helpful, and fun! To book a training please contact us.


The SAFER Teach-In is designed for students wanting a jumpstart on their campaign for policy reform.  The teach-in is typically 4 hours long and can either be held on a weeknight or weekend.  The Teach-In will provide you the information you need to build a coalition of activists and organize for change on your campus. Participants receive a copy of their policy and analyze it with an experienced SAFER Trainer to:

  • Find out what happens if someone is sexually assaulted on your campus
  • Analyze what the strengths and weaknesses of your school's policy is
  • Examine the ways that different communities on and off campus are affected by the policy
  • Learn what a good policy should contain
  • How sexual assault intersects with other forms of oppression
  • Analyze the power dynamics of your college
  • Learn effective tactics to change campus culture, implement prevention efforts and improve crisis response and disciple processes

The Teach-In is a first step toward creating an effective, meaningful response to sexual assault on your campus.

Student groups that complete the Weekend Organizing Training have access to our free service, the Activist Mentoring Program, AMP(!).

The cost of trainings run on a sliding scale, with a minimum that covers the cost of travel, materials, a modest training stipend and lodging (if appliable).  For more information or to book a training please contact us. Be sure to mention in the comment section that you're interested in a training!  For ideas on how to raise money to bring us to your campus, click here.



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