What is a teach-in?

The SAFER Teach-In is specifically tailored and designed for students wanting to bolster their campaign efforts for sexual assault policy reform; we’re interested in supporting all types of students ranging from those who have a ton of experience organizing to those who are just getting ready to dive in. The teach-in is typically 4 hours long and can either be held on a weekday or weekend. The teach-in will provide you the information you need to build an effective coalition of activists and organize for change on your campus. Teach-in participants will have access to our free service, the Activist Mentoring Program, AMP(!).

To start, participants receive a copy of their policy and analyze it with an experienced SAFER Trainer to:

  • Discuss the current process of reporting and disciplinary procedures
  • Analyze what the strengths and weaknesses of your school’s policy is
  • Examine the ways that different communities on and off campus are affected by policy
  • Communities of faith, athletes, LGBT students, women, students of color
  • Learn what a strong, fair, and comprehensive policy should contain
  • How sexual assault intersects with other forms of oppression
  • Analyze the power dynamics of your college
  • Learn effective tactics to change campus culture, implement prevention efforts
  • Improve crisis response and disciplinary processes

While we believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ policy approach, SAFER encourages college activists to consider their work in the context of a larger, national movement. There are so many powerful advocates in the fight to prevent college sexual assault, and we want to give you the tools to build important relationships to make your individual movement stronger, more cohesive, and effective. In other words, SAFER is ready to help you think through the tough stuff and given our experience organizing with many colleges, there is no doubt that we can truly ignite change together!

Post Teach-In Mentoring

Any student group that hosts a SAFER Teach-In has access to 20 hours of free mentoring from the SAFER trainer. Two weeks after your Teach-In, your trainer will send your group an individualized plan that outlines the goals identified at the Teach-In and offers some initial resources to get you started. 

Your mentor is always there to take your questions, offer advice, and help strategize. Mentors can assist with a number of issues and needs bound to come up during your campaign, including:

  • Strategizing about how to gain allies and a critical mass of supporters
  • Proofreading policy drafts or letters to administration
  • Developing a more comprehensive and campus-specific list of demands for a revised sexual assault policy
  • Brainstorming solutions to organizing roadblocks as they occur, such as turnout, coalition building, and diversity

Mentoring allows your movement to develop the knowledge and skills gained at the training. As the facilitator of your Teach-In, your mentor will be able to provide tailored support to the specifics of your campus situation and give unique insight to challenges that come up. Mentoring may be especially helpful in difficult situations such as a large-scale media attack by an opposition group, a change in college leadership, or conflict between activists.

Meet your trainer

Our Teach-Ins are currently being led by Adaku Utah. Each of our facilitators receives special training on issues relating to campus sexual assault, university sexual assault policies, and effective campus organizing. Adaku will work with you to ensure that your SAFER Teach-In is empowering, informative, and engaging!

Adaku Utah is an activist, healer, teacher, and performance artist who believes in the transformative power of love to decolonize the chains forced upon us. She is the founder of SouLar Bliss www.soularbliss.com, a community space that honors stories around trauma and creates spaces for people to practice the sacred art of sharing and utilizing recipes, remedies, rituals, and resources on healing ourselves whole. She is also the founder of BeatBox Botanicals, a local sliding scale, love-centered, and community inspired plant medicine and healing practice. She is a recipient of the 2014 Citizen Committee for New York Community Grant award, and has been honored as a Sexuality Leadership Development Fellow with the Africa Regional Sexuality Resource Centre in Lagos, Nigeria and is also a recent recipient of the Center for Whole Communities 2012 Whole Thinking Fellowship Award.

In the past, Adaku has worked both nationally and internationally as a rape crisis counselor, gender-based violence advocate, sexual violence educator, youth organizer, HIV/AIDS testing counselor, project facilitator, grant writer, liberation trainer, sex education teacher, and herbalist. She has served as a board member for the Chicago Foundation for Women, The Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health, Project SAFE, and the Sadie Nash Leadership Project.

How much do Teach-Ins cost?

Teach-In Sliding Scale Fee Schema

This schema is for our four-hour long Teach-In. For more details about the content of the Teach-In, please contact teachin@safercampus.org.

Student Group Without Financial Institutional Support Student Group With Financial Institutional Support Conferences or Multiple School Trainings
SAFER Sustainability Fee* Sliding scale donation
(suggested minimum of $50)
$200+ $500+
Trainer's Fee
(includes prep time, debrief time, and daily food stipend)
$340 per trainer ($380 for trainings requiring 2-day travel) $340 per trainer ($380 for trainings requiring 2-day travel) $340 per trainer ($380 for trainings requiring 2-day travel). Two trainers recommended
Materials** $10 per person, min. of 10 people, max. of 30 people $10 per person, min. of 20 people, max. of 50 people $10 per person, min. of 50 people, max. of 100 people
Travel $50+ $50+ $50+
Travel per hour
(per trainer)
$10 per hour $10 per hour $10 per hour
Lodging $0-100+ $0-100+ $0-100+
Activist Mentoring Program! 20 hours of free mentoring for student organizers per school year (with option for renewal) 20 hours of free mentoring for student organizers per school year (with option for renewal) Free mentoring to be discussed
Total $550+ $800+ $1750+

*SAFER is an all-volunteer collective. Trainings are our only for-fee service, which we offer on a sliding scale to provide the highest level of accessibility. Any level of donation your group or organization can afford above the suggested minimums are appreciated and go directly to SAFER’s operational costs.

**If the expected participation amount is more than the maximum, we require two trainers to be present. Materials include individual folder, 25-page training packet, SAFER buttons, stickers and printed materials, and e-mailed PDF of our manual Change Happens.

When do Teach-Ins happen?

SAFER tailors our 4-hour teach-in to your community’s needs including flexible scheduling for either a weekday or weekend.

Do I need a movement before I request a Teach-In?

SAFER works with all levels of student activist movements, from the seasoned movement who has already successfully reformed parts of their sexual assault policy to the budding group of students ready to activate their campus to address the issue of sexual assault.

How to prepare for a Teach-In

Once you or your student group has successfully booked a Teach-In you will work hand-in-hand with SAFER Trainer/Mentor Adaku on the steps needed to be best prepared for a Teach-In.

Request a Teach-In