SAFER's student resources are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of different campuses, student leaders, and student groups organizing for change!  If you have specific questions about any of our resources or how we can help you, contact us!

Activist Resource Center (ARC)

The Activist Resource Center is our free online library covering every topic you need for a successful movement at your campus!  The ARC is always growing, so be sure to check in often for new articles, podcasts, and tutorial videos! (Users need to register to access the ARC.)

Trainings (Four Hour Teach-In)

We offer in-person trainings nation-wide tailored to your movement and campus needs. Our trainers are experienced campus organizers who can help you analyze your school's climate and policy, work with you to recruit activists and build your movement, discuss how to choose strategies and tactics and how to deal with opposition.  All student organizers that bring us for a Teach-In are eligible for up to twenty hours of free mentoring with their training in the Activist Mentoring Program (AMP!).  For more details on what is covered during the Teach-In and how to bring us to your campus, click the link above. 

Activist Mentoring Program (AMP!)

AMP! is an extension of the Teach-In where student activists who participated in the training have access to free ongoing mentoring with your trainer.  AMP! is a flexible program where you can receive direct support in a way that fits your group's schedule and needs via phone, e-mail, gchat or video chat.  Through AMP! you can discuss unresolved issues that came up during the Teach-In and get feedback on obstacles to your policy reform campaign.  Your mentor can review letters to administrators or op-eds, talk through the pros and cons of various tactics and provide insight based on the experiences of other student movements for a safer campus.  For more detailed info, click the link above. 

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