Activist Mentoring Program (AMP!)

Ongoing Mentoring With Your Teach-In Facilitator

The Activist Mentoring Program or AMP! is our free mentoring service that provides students with continued support. Any student group that hosts a SAFER Teach-In has access to 20 hours of mentoring in AMP! Two weeks after your Teach-In, your trainer will send your group an individualized AMP! plan that outlines the goals identified at the Teach-In and offers some initial resources to get you started. The AMP! plan also introduces you to information from our Activist Resouce Center and Campus Accountability Project. You and your mentor will have scheduled check-ins in the months following the Teach-In, and is always there to take your questions, offer advice, and help strategize. Mentors can assist with a number of issues and needs bound to come up during your campaign, including: 

  • Strategizing about how to gain allies and a critical mass of supporters
  • Proofreading policy drafts or letters to administration
  • Developing a more comprehensive and campus-specific list of demands for a revised sexual assault policy
  • Brainstorming solutions to organizing roadblocks as they occur, such as turnout, coalition building and diversity

AMP! allows your organization, group or club to develop the knowledge and skills gained at the training. As the facilitator of your Teach-In, your mentor will be able to provide tailored support to the specifics of your campus situation and give unique insight to challenges that come up.  Mentoring may be especially helpful in difficult situations such as a large-scale media attack by an opposition group, a change in college leadership, or conflict between activists. Again, AMP! is a free program and there is no obligation to take any advice we give. 

For more information for how bring a training to your school, please contact us.

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