What we do

SAFER strengthens student-led movements to combat sexual and interpersonal violence in campus communities.

Who we are

SAFER is entirely operated by a Board of Directors, working as a volunteer collective and operating by consensus. Each Board member brings their own lived experiences and professional skills to their positions and programming. SAFER is each of these activists, and is larger and has more longevity than any one activist. In addition, SAFER has one paid part-time Trainer, and occasional interns who offer additional support.

Hayden Golden (pronouns: he/they) joins the SAFER board as Communications Co-Coordinator after four years as an organizer and strategist working on marriage equality and nondiscrimination campaigns in six states. Whether it’s gender justice, education equity, or other pressing social issues, they are interested in using data to build grassroots movements and shape narratives that win—campaigns, public support, and news cycles. Mostly-vegan, Hayden spends most of their free time cooking in addition to countless hours on a yoga mat or obsessively cultivating Spotify playlists. A reluctant New Yorker, Hayden lives with their partner in the Bronx and will begin the Masters of Social Work in Community Organization, Planning & Development at Hunter College in Fall 2016.

Anna Kim (pronouns: she/her) is the Communications Co-Coordinator for SAFER. She works as a senior health communications and advocacy officer at the International Rescue Committee. In this role, she leads communications and advocacy strategies to support improved health outcomes for people served in humanitarian contexts, focusing on reproductive health, child health, mental health and health systems. Anna earned a MA from New York University in international relations and journalism and graduated with a BA from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.

Anne Mattson (pronouns: she/her) joined the SAFER board as the Teach-In Co-Coordinator in November of 2015. She earned her bachelors in psychology at Arizona State University, where she was a sexual health education and sexual violence prevention advocate. While in this position, she developed and taught workshops where students learned about consent, STI prevention, gender identity, birth control, HIV/AIDS prevention, and more. She believes that comprehensive sexual health education is an important tool in preventing sexual violence. In addition to working with SAFER, Anne volunteers with the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault. She is pursuing a master in public health this coming fall. In her down time, Anne enjoys archery, cats, ice cream, and running.

Jenny Snow (pronouns: she/her) is the Policy and Research Coordinator for SAFER. She is currently in the process of revamping the Campus Accountability Project. In her full-time job, Jenny works as a global health consultant at Rabin Martin. She specialized in maternal health and family planning program design, implementation, and evaluation. Jenny graduated with a BA from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY and holds an MS from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She wrote her Masters dissertation - which was awarded the Brain Able Smith Prize for best dissertation - on institutional policies concerning sexual misconduct in higher education and its relationship to reporting of sexual offenses. Despite her aptitude for clumsiness, Jenny trained as a ballerina and still enjoys dancing whenever she has a chance.

Rachel Greenburg (pronouns: she/her) is the Policy Coordinator for SAFER. In her full-time job, Rachel works as a Program Manager at Cities of Service. In her role, she develops grant programs and provides consulting services to coalition cities. Prior to Cities of Service, Rachel held positions at Girls for Gender Equity, the Clinton Foundation, the Kings County District Attorney's Office and Safe Horizon. Rachel graduated with a BA from Colgate University in Hamilton, NY and holds an MSW from Columbia University. While at Colgate, she brought SAFER to conduct a teach-in and later assisted in drafting a sexual misconduct policy reform proposal presented to administrators and faculty. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys wandering around various New York City neighborhoods, running, and teaching skating for Figure Skating in Harlem.

SAFER's Financials

SAFER’s budget covers operational expenses, sustains essential programs offered to students, such as the Teach-In trainings and Activist Mentoring Program (AMP), and supports SAFER’s mission to educate on matters related to campus assault policy and policy reform.

SAFER’s History

SAFER was started by Columbia University students in 2000 after a successful sexual assault policy reform campaign. After getting requests from around the country to advise on other policy reform campaigns, SAFER’s original student leaders incorporated into a 501c3. Since that time, SAFER has run as a volunteer collective, once with a two-year stint with a paid Executive Director. SAFER is the organization it is because of the generations of student activists who have served on the Board; yet SAFER is bigger than any one activist.