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Our free online library of organizing resources for stronger sexual assault policies, including an intro to sexual assault activism, policy analysis, and how to be a better organizer. NEW in March 2012: Campus Policy: Down to Details

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What's New at SAFER

  • SAFER participated in a Round Table on College Sexual Assault with Cosmopolitan
  • Board Chair, Selena Shen, steps down from her role. SAFER Communications Coordinator Tracey Vitchers named Chair of the Board. 
  • SAFER Communications Coordinator Tracey Vitchers talked to Bloomberg about Senators Gillibrand and McCaskill's efforts to combat campus sexual assault, saying, "Sexual assault survivors complain that police investigators treat them with bias" nationwide. 
  • In April, SAFER celebrated SAAM in a series of "10 things all sexual violence prevention activists should know." We also highlighted 10 inspiring student sexual assault activists to know! Check it out on the blog!
  • Tracey Vitchers was quoted in a story about how colleges are rebranding rape as "nonconsexual sex." "Rape is rape. It's a crime. It's a felony," said Vitchers to Al Jazeera America
  • In an article for the Washington Post, Tracey Vitchers spoke to Jessica Valenti about the existence of rape culture and why it is instrumental to activists' work. 
  • On January 22, President Obama announced a new initiative to target the college sexual assault epidemic. SAFER's CAP report findings were cited in a story from The Associated Press, on the topic. 
  • On January 10, Tracey Vitchers was quoted in University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's student newspaper, The Daily Tarheel, about the university's decision to hire a full-time Title IX Coordinator to ensure the institution's compliance with federal laws. 
  • SAFER and V-Day is proud to announce the release of Making the Grade? Findings from the Campus Accountability Project on Sexual Assault Policies.
  • On October 7, Tracey Vitchers was quoted in MSNBC's The Last Word about how the government shutdown is affecting college sexual assault investigations. 
  • On September 13, SAFER Evaluation Coordinator Dr. Emily Greytak, was quoted in Christian Science Monitor and ThinkProgress stories about Yale University's efforts to clarify and define "consent." 
  • Check out a podcast from CALCASA's Prevent Connect, featuring Emily Greytak. 
  • On May 10, Emily Greytak was quoted in a Huffington Post story about SAFER's study, Moving Beyond Blue Lights and Buddy Systems: A National Study of Student Anti-Rape Activists. 
  • On April 23, Emily Greytak was also quoted in an Alternet story about SAFER's study. 
  • In honor of Sexual Assault ACTIVISM Month, this April, SAFER released the results of Moving Beyond Blue Lights and Buddy Systems: A National Study of Student Anti-Rape Activists. For more information, check out our blog where SAFER Evaluation Coordinator Dr. Emily Greytak shared more about the study and its findings. On April 6, Emily was quoted in a USA Today story about the study. 
  • On March 8, SAFER Board Chair Selena Shen was quoted in a USA Today story about sexual assault responses by college administrations. Is your school keeping accountable for reports of sexual assault?
  • Last November, SAFER and Hollaback! published a letter to the editor of the New York Times in response to an op-ed threatening a safe learning environment for college students. Check it out and let us know your thoughts!
  • Learn more about policy in SAFER's latest Activist Resource Center (ARC) article, CAMPUS POLICY: DOWN TO DETAILS
  • Got questions about using new media for your campaign? Find answers in SAFER's NEW MEDIA GUIDE
  • Don't let the burnout blues get the best of you. Check out SELF CARE 101
  • Former SAFER Board Member Dan Wald speaks to AlterNet about men's role in anti-rape activism. 
  • Women's eNews talks to former SAFER Board Members Dan Wald and Sarah Martino about SAFER and V-Day's Campus Accountability Project.
  • Check out this factsheet on sexual assault and housing rights on campus, a collaboration between SAFER and the ACLU Women's Rights Project.
  • Take a look at our 2009 Policies Database Report. An updated report to come! 


Student Stories

  • Dan Wald

    Ithaca College

    In February of 2008, three reported campus rapes prompted the creation of a Sexual Assault Workgroup to reform the school's policy. Dan was part of that group, and describes the process of re-writing the policy.

  • Jerin Alam and Elischia Fludd

    CUNY (John Jay and Hunter Collge)

    Jerin and Elischia began a campaign to implement a sexual assault policy throughout the entire City University of New York system, which covers over 450,000 students. They have a number of organizing tips for students just starting out.

  • Erin Burrows

    Sarah Lawrence College

    Erin was part of a successful campaign to completely revise Sarah Lawrence College's sexual assault policies and programming. SLC students got creative with protests and zines, and after three years of hard work their new policy was adopted in fall 2009.

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